Last January, CBC unveiled an amazing new TV show called jPod. Unfortunately, due to lower than hoped for ratings, it was prematurely canceled (they aired it on Friday nights). But fresh off the cancellation, a fan campaign was launched and now CBC is actually re-airing the first season again in a better timeslot (Thursdays 8pm starting June 19) Perhaps to test the waters again? This is a perfect opportunity to save this unique show! If you havenít seen jPod yet, itís a humourous Canadian TV show set in Vancouver. It follows a group of videogame designers at work, set upon a backdrop of hilarious and over-the-top events ó they have it snowing in Vancouver, the Mom is running a grow-op, and everybodyís favourite character, Kam Fong, is a Chinese mafia kingpin who traffics humans. If youíve already seen jPod, you know what Iím talking about. And trust me, itís even better the second time around! So do yourself a favour and check out this awesome show on CBC in the new timeslot: CBC Thursdays 8pm, starting June 19. New to jPod? Check out this link: Please join the Facebook event: And now please do me a HUGE favour by passing this email on to everyone you can. Iím really counting on your help in forwarding this along. Let's keep great Canadian TV alive!