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We the undersigned ask CBC to renew jPod.

Please, take a moment to sign the Save jPod Petition. When you do, a couple things will happen:
  1. You'll get an email from us, asking you to confirm that you are a human being and not a spammer. Please click the link in the email, and your name will be added to the petition.
  2. We'll send an email to CBC from you, telling them you signed the petition! That way, every time someone signs, the CBC hears about it. What could be more awesome?
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  1. kendra hiebert
  2. Zak Stephens:
    "It was funny and smart. THAT NEVER HAPPENS ON NETWORK TELEVISION. So, bring it back. Okay? Okay."
  3. Petri Trebilcock:
    "Please bring back jPod! It was the best show on Television."
  4. Patrice Van Damme
  5. Lev Yakushev:
    "DO WANT"
  6. Andrew Cappuccitti:
    "I never expected the show to be so fantastic, but once I started watching I was hooked! Incredibly saddened that I won't get to see these characters again, so bring it back! I miss Cowboy!"
  7. alexander van teijlingen:
    "one of the best tv shows i've ever see"
  8. Albin Ceder:
    "i loved the book and the show. Pls bring it back! "
  9. Pastor Cortes:
    "We love Jpod bring it back..."
  10. Rachel Gay:
    "This program is really useful! It offers an exploration of real 'stuff' - especially the hard conversations - with nicely written (and quite gorgeous) characters. This is smart, economical comedy. It should be supported. "
  11. Dirk Schut:
    "The show is awesome. It's a pity it is being cancelled and it isn't shown on Dutch television."
  12. Richard Dawson:
    "Read the book, only just saw the series. should have hit the shores of the UK."
  13. Tory:
    "Bring it back!"
  14. Mark Banegas:
    "Bring back jPod!!!!"
  15. Douglas Berg:
    "Book was epic was the season one give it a go!"
  16. Henna Raja:
    "Please, bring this show back. It's really awesome and unique and entertaining and I'd buy every DVD and support it all the way. Please,please renew it for at least one more season! Thank you"
  17. Daniel:
    "JPod is an awesome TV show, probably one of the best shows I've seen! Please don't stop JPod!"
  18. I.M.N:
    "I cant believe they cancelled JPod!!! BRING IT BACK!!! Read the book too and it was the bommbbb!!!"
  19. Denis Liang:
    "Please release the last episode!! I read the book and I loved it. I watched the series till the 13th episode and I was loving it as well but I want to finish it! Please put the last episode on!"
  20. Dayle "Gore" Young:
    "Please... SAVE JPod!!! I Dislike! <--- The cliffhanger on Episode 13!! more more more~! "
  21. Luke:
    "I Just seen the whole season on DVD , i would like to see it continue ! its great"
  22. Jose Daniel Gil Climent
  23. Jean-Paul:
    "Come on, you cant end a serie like that! make season 2 happen. Such an awesome show."
  24. Victor Lützow
  25. Karl Johansson:
    "Come on! Link it to your friends and sh*t, I want this show back on tv! :D"
  26. Joel Lützow:
    "I can't believe they didn't make more episodes!? GIVE US MORE, this show is amazing, make a few commercials and it would be a huge hit!"
  27. Valerie Miussova:
    "I'll be short: Want. It. Back. We're starving!!!!!"
  28. César:
    "Awesome!!! I really miss it!!"
  29. Victoria Mount:
    "This is the best show out there! Please, please, please bring it back! I'm sick of watching season one over and over. I want to know what happens to Kaitlin! "
  30. Jonathan Milne:
    "it's amazing :D"
  31. Chris Brown:
    "Save Jpod!!!!"
  32. Victoria Kerr-Bell:
    "I live in NZ and just managed to get my hands on a copy of season 1 dvd... I love the book as it is but the show is awesome and I am now feeling lost not knowing what happens to anyone. I know I'm a bit late but please bring it back!!!!"
  33. Jessica Bussiere:
    "I love this show and bought the first season on DVD, and wanted to buy more. I've read Jpod and am a HUGE fan of Douglas Coupland; Girlfriend in a Coma, Gum thief, Jpod, Hey! Nostradamus, Miss Wyoming.PLEASE BRING IT BACK!"
  34. Allan Jones:
    "Best screen adaptation of a book ever! If they really can't make a second season at least give us Microserfs or Gum Thief, just give us some Coupland televisual pleasure!"
  35. Georgij Sibajev
  36. James Malthus:
    "This show has earned an international following because of it's tremendous quality. Surely the CBC is interested in making quality television?"
  37. Kayla Bonneteau:
    "Jpod was absolutely fantastic as a book- then it was converted into a great show. Just CBC made a mistake of moving the show from mid week to Fridays when not as many people want to watch TV, doesn't mean the fans should be punished."
  38. Ben Glaser-Nolan
  39. schyz0
  40. james
  41. nikolai.hemmingsson:
    "I read the book for a couple of years ago which I loved, and I accidently saw recently that they made a show on the book so I saw season 1, and I loved it! I took for granted that they had a season two... But no..."
  42. Tom Bellingham:
    "I can't understand why this was taken off the air in the first place... I have worked for Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and now work for a third but smaller company in Ontario, and I found this show amazing and hilariously funny, and well researched too"
  43. Leif Faed
  44. david tible
  45. Nate Elliott:
    "jPod was a great show easily one of the greatest Canadian shows its had alot of potential and i feel it was canceled prematurely i urge you to review and renew this gem of a show "
  46. Jeremiah:
    "This was a GREAT show. Canadian author, filmed in Canada, Canadian music... it is exactly the kind of thing CBC has carried for years just on general principle, but this show was actually good!!!"
  47. Kevin:
    "Bring back jpod and finish the series"
  48. Rashid Abdul-Aziz
  49. Jim Dunbar:
    "The best new show just has to come's so much better than the rest"
  50. Alec
  51. Helen Roy:
    "This is fantastic show, don't leave me hanging! "
  52. Damion Steele
  53. Juan Pablo Zapata
  54. Mike:
    "Please, bring this show back on the air! If The Office can make it, so can this show. The book was awesome."
  55. Mike Livingston:
    "I gotta find out what happens."
  56. Meredith McLean:
    "To CBC This show goes beyond all cult classics. It recognizes humour and genius when observing today's generation. jPod is not complete without a second series. "
  57. Jocelyn Nixon:
    "They cancelled jPod like that?! They can't leave us hanging like that!"
  58. Kent Michaelian:
    "jPod is fresh. Assemble the cast for a second season. Make Coupland write genius scripts. Market it better. Who is Babette? Will Caitlin live? The people demand answers. Thank you. "
  59. Jason Del Bosco
  60. Thorgeir Karlsson:
    "Great cast of characters, the show needs to be given more of a chance"
  61. Bonnie
  62. Ashley Bradley:
    "I imagine it's too late to be doing this, but I guess it can't hurt anything. I have been a huge Coupland fan since I formed any taste in books. I found the season of jPod on Amazon and I fell in love. Make another Coupland series!"
  63. augusto:
    "hello i am from mexico and this is the only seria that i feel identified and i love this seria plz to much people love jpod"
  64. Chris Schmidt:
    "Greetings from Germany. Being a Couplander for over 10 years (but always a little on the late side) i was very surprised that the was a show to Jpod. Why would you cancel the FIRST canadian show that got my attention?? Cant believe it. Gute Nacht"
  65. Heather Timms:
    "Jpod is my favorite show, and everyone that I show it to loves it too. How could you cancel such love?"
  66. Ivan Rivera
  67. Linnea Sjödahl:
    "I haven't seen the show, but I've read the book and it was awesome so I really want the show to continue!"
  68. Stephen:
    "jPod is showing for the second time on the uk virgin media on demand service and i am finding it still just as funny as the first time I watched it. Please dont make jPod history."
  69. Víctor Raggio
  70. Francesco Fazio:
    "Hi from Italy: I've received this amazing TV-series for Christmas and I fell for it! Why cancel a successful show: run a Season 2. "
  71. Daniel Meagher:
  72. Craig Janzen
  73. Marcus Becker:
    "Hello from Germany! I read the book first and was surprised to find the TV-series on the web. Now I've seen the first season AND I WANT MORE!!! I love the Douglas Coupland style."
  74. Dylan:
    "i watched it on virgin on demand in the uk back in June. i would stay up till 4am every day watching it. why do all my favourite shows have to be cancelled like chuck. the fans got behind that and the brought it back. "
  75. james nanate:
  76. Kristofer Read:
    "just watched entire season in a day thnx to cath up on demand i need more lol"
  77. iris olson:
  78. Colin Thomson:
    "Please bring it back! I live in Scotland and still managed to watch and love the show!"
  79. matthew smith
  80. James Taylor:
    "Bring it back! I just finished watching the finale and now theres nothing more aghh!"
  81. Mantaj Bains:
    "please bring it back!!!!it was one of the most amazing canadian shows ever!!!!"
  82. Douglas Pilla:
    "Please bring back jPod! It's an amazing Canadian show that should not have been cancelled."
  83. Bruce Devine
  84. Benjamin Green:
    "BRING IT BACK it should have never left"
  85. Ludvig Dieden:
    "jPod is the most awesome TV-series ever. Don't let it go where Firefly and Sarah Connor Chronicles now rest."
  86. michelle:
    "save jpod please! :D "
  87. Marc Desjardins
  88. Fernando Oteros:
    "Save it!"
  89. Brigitte Chan:
  90. José Manuel:
    "Back jpod, please :((("
  91. Scott Mullins:
    "Awsome show please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  92. Brandon Barkway:
    "jPod is amazing! bring it back please :("
  93. Lewis Smith:
    "Save jPod!"
  94. Elias Polytarchos
  95. rob welch:
    "love this show"
  96. Brendon Baila:
    "I don't have cable. Doesn't mean you can't profit from me somehow. Use your noggin, you can get my cash somehow. "
  97. Thusano:
    "bring back jpod before it's too late and the actors move on..."
  98. Ali Skantzos
  99. COLBY :
  100. Freek Ronner
  101. Jason Atwood:
    "Finally, CBC puts out a decent show I am willing to watch, and it ends int he first season. Its so sad to see something that has good appeal and a fresh idea die on a station that really needs shows like this to bring a new viewer, namely young adults."
  102. Phenomx4955:
    "the most original series I've ever seen!! everything about it is just amizing and hilarious, great actors and performances!! bring it back!!"
  103. Brendan
  104. Grant
  105. Lucy Norman
  106. Richard Alba
  107. Tyler Lalonde:
    "Only two season 1 dvds in my small town and i have one and i love it."
  108. Viktor Petersson:
    "please bring back the podster jag vill ha jpod nu"
  109. Nicky Marsh:
    "I'm from the UK and only just found out about jPod - I watched all 13 episodes in one go (I was up until 6am!) and I was so upset to find out it had been cancelled. Please bring back this great show!"
  110. Mike Bloxam:
    "How can we ever have successful, homegrown entertainment when you keep on screwing with the schedules?? First "This Is Wonderland", now "jPod"."
  111. Derek:
    "Jpod>an Ipod"
  112. Angie Natingor
  113. Lewis Evans:
    "An outstanding show, a weak move to cancel it. CBC hates young people. Go ShowCase!"
  114. Andrew Popp:
    "Gotta bring this show back! Everyone should send a piece of Gore to the producers of the show requesting it be brought back like the show Jericho!"
  115. Connor Lubojacky
  116. Joanna Wieclaw
  117. Mark Curran:
    "Excellent show! The cliffhanger needs to be solved!"
  118. Tim:
    "Bring it back! Its got young international appeal, its highly popular and humourous, simply wonderful series! (The book's good too!)"
  119. Michelle
  120. Tim Shirks:
    "Please bring back this awsome show. It was the most original program I have seen in a long time."
  121. Brendan Spence:
    "jPod is one of the most blaringly original, witty, and intelligent programs I have ever seen in my entire life. Canceling it is depriving the world of the very little good programming that actually exists in this world."
  122. Niki:
    "my whole family loved this show, please bring it back!!!"
  123. Christine:
    "wow, this was my favourite show last year - I finally looked up to see what happened and it was cancelled. How did Sophie continue and JPOD get cancelled? - madness!"
  124. seeal:
    "save JPOD the best serie from CBC"
  125. Trent:
    "This kind of Canadian content must be sellable in the U.S. if trailer park is. This is higher brow."
  126. Bert-Jan:
    "Arguably the only thing that goes faster then light is the speed that shows get canceled. Just because CBC failed to reach the target audience properly doesn't mean it's not miraculous. Please, allow this great show another chance."
  127. Alex Lazar:
    "New to the show (probably because i m american) but man I love it please bring it back! "
  128. Bob:
    "JPod is a very awesome show. It does not belong with the crap shows that have been cancelled. Now that I learn its Canadian!, it must be brought back. What else is Canadian and this good? Rick Mercer? not that funny."
  129. Martin Hanze
  130. Jamie Peach
  131. Doug Lane
  132. nathanael hollands:
    "I really liked the show. to be honest i think it is the only Canadian content on CBC that i really enjoy. Come on Canada lets stop spitting on our own artists and programs. "
  133. Matthew Healy
  134. Johan:
    "I watched one episod and I was hocked! It beats nearly everything else I have seen the latest 5 years"
  135. Nicholas Flores
  136. Corey:
    "With the final episode ending as it does, it would be a crime against entertainment and art to not continue the series."
  137. Clinton Martinez
  138. Ryann:
    "Bring back JPod! pretty pls?"
  139. Bob:
    "Best show in Canadian history. Must have more."
  140. Lukas:
    "i would love to watch new episodes of this great show"
  141. Justin Brent
  142. Mike McDonald:
    "It's sad that shows like this don't last."
  143. Stuart:
    "SAVE JPOD!!!!! "
  144. Tiffany Henry:
    "Jpod is an amazing show and most definatly should not be another of those shows cancelled before it reaches full potential of awesomeness."
  145. Rebecca:
    "This was one of the best shows on television (Canada or US). I stumbled upon it one night and was hooked. I cannot believe the ratings were so bad that it had to be cancelled. The intelligent DO NEED jPod. "
  146. romeo:
  147. myro:
    "wicked show"
  148. Kenny Fowler:
    "I loved the book, and when I heard that jPod would be a T.V. Show, I knew it would be a work of genius. It didn't disappoint. This is the only show I ever watched faithfully, the intelligent NEED jPod!"
  149. sherri schembri:
    "awesome show."
  150. shon mckinley:
    "please make more jpod............please. it's life or death."
  151. Chris Cuthbertson (UK):
    "I still can't believe this isnt coming back for a second season, one of the most fun and entertaining shows i have seen in ages, this show turned me on to canadian TV. how about someone making a JPod Film?????"
  152. Peter Voxström
  153. tona ohama
  154. Belinda Matson:
    "JPod is the anti dote to US reality shows, gossip girl, american idol etc etc... PLEAAAAASE Australia needs JPOD make a 2nd series."
  155. Chloe:
    "Please, give us at least 1 more season of jPod! It's not fair!"
  156. Amanda Olmstead:
    "Please don't cancel this show, you all ready don't air enough enjoyable Canadian content!!"
  157. Kailene Ramage:
    "Get rid of Wheel of Fortune and Jepoardy and put JPOD back on television."
  158. Colin:
    "Quality programming of this kind is difficult to find, please renew jPod!"
  159. Walt
  160. Kyliie:
    "Appease the intelligent for a change. The world needs Jpod and not more junk dramas or reality TV. How can exposure to Coupland be detrimental? "
  161. Elliott
  162. April:
    "Give it a chance!"
  163. Lisa Scott:
    "Great show, it deserves another season!"
  164. Eduardo:
    "One of the best shows I´ve ever seen!!! Even in Spain is watched by so many people, so please save Jpod!!!"
  165. Chad Robert Morgan:
    "I just learned the whole series is avaliable on wb's web site. Why didn't this ever air in America? A buddy of mine clued me into this, but as an American I would never of heard of this great show otherwise."
  166. Brian:
    "I've just been watching jpod on dvd and it is so much better than most other TV shows. It deserves to live!"
  167. fox:
    "This is a great show, odd and sassy and character based. We don;t need special fx crap all the time!"
  168. Evlent:
    "GIEF OR DIE!"
  169. Wesley:
    "Please oh please oh please don't cancel jPod! How will we ever find out what happens?"
  170. Arman Borghem:
    "jPod rules!"
  171. Ainhoa Iturre Tutor
  172. Steph Studniberg
  173. Emma :
    "JPod is awesome, my friend introduced me to it and informed me halfway through that it had been dropped. I say NO! Want more JPod!!"
  174. Shirinnisha:
    "My entire family watches JPod! We love it! Let's try to save it....Thanx!"
  175. Zbigniew Czapran
  176. Jake Dowsett:
    "im a brit. BUT I LOVE THE jPOD!!! bring it back. its better than only fools and horses. we need more."
  177. Marko:
    "jPod Rules ! Give us podders more jPod !"
  178. Jarett Johnson:
    "To be honest I was very impressed with JPod. It FACT IT WAS AWSOME!!!. The characters are awesome. In my opinion a fantastic mix between Weeds (the show) and The Office (the show). PLEASE BRING ME SEASON 2! "
  179. Dan Wilkie:
    "Jpod was tops, original and entertaining. Its a crime that it has been cancelled while rubbish like 2 and a half men still gets a run. Bring it back!"
  180. Robin Yeo:
    "Please bring back jPod!"
  181. Andrew Bailey:
    "Save it!!"
  182. Nick Kirk:
    "Please bring back jPod...don't leave us hanging forever!!!"
  183. Geordie Barker:
    "SAVE the podsters! It is one of the greatest shows I have witnessed!"
  184. Peter-Simon Germain:
    "Please save Jpod!"
  185. TST:
    "surely a wrong decision of the tv company..."
  186. Georg Lubrich:
    "jPod rocks! Bring it back dammit!"
  187. Alex:
  188. Bradley Barbour:
    "WWKFD? Bring back jPod!!!!"
  189. Brock Schuman:
    "Surely the DVD sales have warranted a resurrection of the series..."
  190. Chris King:
    "This has got to be one of the best series' I have ever seen. Please continue it!"
  191. rochelle young:
    "just put the show back one, for once we have some good canadian tv and you kibosh it."
  192. Mike C.
  193. david macleod:
    "i love jpod! pleasepleaseplease make a 2nd season!!"
  194. Pontus Sahlberg
  195. Tim Park
  196. Saul Vega:
    "jpod forever. it is the best"
  197. Alicia Kalsi
  198. Yan Asnong
  199. Eric Long:
    "I have watched jpod from my computer in South Carolina, United States! It was so good I ordered the dvd from Amazon Canada!"
  200. Claus:
    "great stuff! it's very sad to learn that this show has been cancelled..."
  201. keith:
    "jPod better come back. Don't make a geek unhappy . . . you won't like it."
  202. Emily Evans:
    "I am appalled at the CBC's claim that " it’s just not conceivable [...] to spend taxpayers’ dollars on things that only a small group of people want to see." First season ratings are not the sole measure of an artwork's value. "
  203. Phillip Cameron:
    "Please bring it back"
  204. Richard Herritt:
    "I can't believe it. But why am I surprised. Cancel the best Canadian show out there that actually speaks to GenX and GenY. Next thing, CBC will give up the rights to HNIC's theme song! Who is running that ship anyway? Come on!!"
  205. Eugenio Tamburini:
    "Season Two or a Movie!"
  206. Carlos Lopez Guzman:
    "Sweden says Hello!"
  207. Andrew
  208. Ellen Vaillancourt:
    "You're show rocks! We need to see a finale"
  209. Darren
  210. Jeremy Gustafson:
    "Awesome show. Just finished watching season, please make more"
  211. Rick Bross
  212. Ali McGregor:
    "I discovered this in Australia - love it. Nice work Canadia... Please bring it back - i won't know what to do with myself when i finish the first series, i need more..."
  213. Manuel:
    "Great show with fantastic actors!"
  214. Mark MacDougall:
    "jPod is an awesome show based on an equally awesome book! This show deserves to continue."
  215. duncan williams
  216. Tyrel Dennis:
    "Seems like all the shows that i enjoy watching get cancelled lately."
  217. Ashley Brooks:
    "I just started watching Jpod here in the states, and it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. Give us a season 2!"
  218. Adrian Pawliszko:
    "The show is amazing, and it's obvious that it's getting more and more attention, and not just at home, but from abroad too (see the multitude of comments from Australia for example). It's not often that pure Canadian programming does this."
  219. Christopher Skinner:
    "Just got to watch this show in Ausrtralia. Absolutely loved it and are gutted there is no season 2, would have been even better. Please greenlight a 2nd season!"
  220. Peterdea:
    "Got the book, loved it, watched the series, loved it... jPod is one of two shows I can sit through more then one episode of at a time, which is saying something. Bring it back!"
  221. taylor burns:
    "evreyone who love jpod in australia that watches it seriously get it bak on "
  222. Bill Gibson:
    "jPod has just finshed screening here in Australia - you can't possibly leave us hanging with an ending like that! PLEASE give us another season, at least!"
  223. Josh Cox:
    "Please bring back jpod, I live in the states and came across the show online. one of my top 3 favorite of all time."
  224. Raistlin Majer:
    "Very innovative show. It has potential and as a IT worker, i like it very much... So pleas don't cancel it. Thank you form Slovakia"
  225. Robert Coulter:
    "From all the Australian fans of jPod, please continue to make the show, and air it."
  226. James Curran:
    "Being from australia, we didnt get this till it was too late =[ have a heart cbc"
  227. Joseph Reilly
  228. Tom Drake:
    "....i`ll pay for the show myself! Honest! Seriously! I mean come on CBC... you can yet save your souls, etc. "
  229. Hamish Copley:
    "This is an excellent show -- the kind of programming the CBC should be doing, not rebroadcasting dull American stuff like Wheel of Fortune."
  230. Attila Csapo:
    "Don't kill this show. It's awesome."
  231. Marc Carullo
  232. Lee
  233. Daniel
  234. Dean Bergmann:
    "Give this show another chance, it needs better marketing, as a gamer, I love it."
  235. Lindsay Davies:
    "jPod is an amazing show, targeted at not only young adults, but those technologically inclined. Not only this, but its 100% Canadian. Canadian author, corporation, annd actors. CBC should be supporting this, not condemning it after one short season!"
  236. Volodymyr Nesterov:
  237. Carl Holmquist:
    "Sweden loves Jpod"
  238. Tara:
    "JPod is an awesome show, and needs a second series! For humour and to save cliffhangers!"
  239. kathleen:
    "jpod is AW350M3! lol."
  240. kate
  241. Chris
  242. Christine Campbell
  243. Dwight:
    "Bring back jPod"
  244. Katy Campbell :
    "JPod is a genuine Canadian show- filled with humour and loads of fun! It's hip-cool- and deserves to be put BACK ON THE AIR. want to make sure of that? Help me too! Log on to Facebook and join the group: Bringing Back JPOD."
  245. Angelo:
    "The Coollest Show to ever come out of Canada....Period..... I WANT IT BACK NOW!!!!!"
  246. Tim Woodside:
    "I only just found out about Jpod and I think it suck that the first show that I approve of my tax dollars going to is not going to have any new episodes."
  247. Jamie:
  248. Sandro:
    "The only reason this show didn't make it was because there was no laugh track for the idiots who didn't get the jokes. Save this show. Look at how many people already want this show back. BRING IT BACK! "
  249. C james:
    "Entertaining and fun. I want it back, mainly because I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT ALREADY!"
  250. Austin Kvaale:
    "This show was hilarious"
  251. Tony Thai:
    "It is such a great show. Good story, characters, lets see this show grow some more!"
  252. Roberto :
    " This show is too good to be canceled. It was funny, original, and Canadian!"
  253. Max:
    "Another Aussie fan. Bring back the crazy Canadian show!!! Turtles rule!"
  254. Mady:
    "Witty, original, funny, great story and characters, and best of all, a Canadian show to be proud of!!!"
  255. Ian:
    "Best CDN show ever. Loved the book... was completely blown away by the tv series. Fore shame CBC in dropping this show, fore shame."
  256. Graeme:
    "Canada owes the rest of the world for Celine Dion! Please save JPod."
  257. bernardo :
    "this show is an inspiration for me "
  258. Chad:
    "jPod is a great comedy. Douglas Coupland is a great author and I really wish to see the show get renewed. "
  259. Rebekah Wilson:
    "Save J-Pod! Finally the CBC gives us creative, cool and fun all in one show!"
  260. david sanderson:
    "I love this show, best canadian show ever made, period!"
  261. Justine:
    "I live in the US, but bought the DVD's and LOVE this show!!!"
  262. Daniel:
    "jPod just recently started showing in Australia and I was shocked to hear it was cancelled. This is the greatest show ever."
  263. Heather:
    "This is my favourite show EVER and I cried when it got cancelled. It would be the best thing in my life if it got renewed, so please bring it back! It's just too amazing not to have on air. "
  264. Sean Jodrey:
    "Love jPod. Please continue producing!"
  265. Chris Wiebe:
    "I loved this show. I hate seeing amazing shows be cancelled."
  266. Andrew J
  267. Cindy
  268. Steven
  269. Sokhorn Sammy Eath:
    "Please bring back jPod, it is a very great show and people love that show. A lot of people."
  270. avi hayoun:
    "IN GORE WE TRUST! please bring back the pod!"
  271. Sofono
  272. June:
  273. Linus
  274. Rebecca Ayotte
  275. Koen:
    "Belgian fan of both the book and the show. Bring it back, it's too awesome to die under the hand of evil network execs!"
  276. Marz Nettos:
    "Please please please bring back JPod!!!"
  277. Liam Gibson:
    "Please bring JPod back!"
  278. Eva:
    "Spanish fan of the show. Please bring back jPod."
  279. John Walter:
    "One more Australian fan of both the book and the show. "
  280. Victoria:
    "Please bring JPod back!"
  281. Shane Nilsson:
  282. Nick Clement
  283. Matt Evans:
    "Please bring it back!!!"
  284. Jenessa Tan
  285. Ashley:
    "Another Australian fan of the show. Would love to see it return!"
  286. lucas nolte
  287. kyle Kaferly
  288. Amy Gohr:
    "jPod is a fantastic book and a classic, funny, well-written show that speaks to so many people. Why do they always cancel the great shows, while they let vapid actors and actresses duke it out over Dr. McHottie for 10+ seasons? Bring back jPod!"
  289. James Stilborn:
    "More jPod! Less Anne of Green Gables reruns!"
  290. Mikko Maltsusta
  291. Gavin Wilson:
    "Please bring back JPOD it was a truely canadian shoe. JPOD was fun, clever and very much this generation. "
  292. Christian Perrett:
    "I'm an Australian drama/film student, currently watching the series every week at 11:30 every Tuesday night. i have to say, it's the best thing i've seen in 2 years. Don't let this series die out, Bring it on back!"
  293. Hayley Lennon:
    "This is a seriously, seriously awesome show. This is a plea from an American desperate for quality TV programming. This show has an audience in two countries. Bring it back?"
  294. Sam Voth:
    "jPod is the best Canadian show out there, bring it back please"
  295. Michael Sample
  296. Zoe McDougall
  297. Linda Taylor:
    "Please bring jPod back. It was fabulous, quirky and totally original. "
  298. Robert:
    "JPod is great"
  299. James Keys:
    "jPod is a brilliant show based on a brilliant novel, and it's one of the few TV shows I would actually watch. Bring it back!"
  300. christina D. Wightman:
    "jPod makes me smile. =)"