Save jPod!

Save jPod!

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New To jPod?

What is jPod?

jPod is a humourous Canadian TV show set in Vancouver. It follows the lives of a group of videogame designers at work, set upon a backdrop of unusual and over-the-top events — they have it snowing in Vancouver, the Mom is running a grow-op, and everybody’s favourite character, Kam Fong, is a Chinese mafia kingpin who traffics humans.

Why is it worth saving?

‘Brilliant’ is the only word to describe the creativity of jPod. There is no other show like it, anywhere. jPod has earned glowing praise from critics, and received 15 nominations at the Leo Awards. Fans recognize that innovative shows like jPod are rare, and we want to share this masterpiece with the world.

Do you have any clips I can watch?

Want a taste of jPod? Check out these clips:

Why was it canceled?

jPod attracts an audience who in general, doesn’t watch CBC to begin with. Thus many fans missed the promotion and didn’t discover the show until it was too late. Unfortunately, combined with a Friday night timeslot, jPod never had a chance to attain its full potential. It was cancelled due to poor ratings after only 8 episodes, in spite of a large and growing online audience (the remaining episodes were allowed to air).

How can I watch jPod?

jPod Season 1 will be rebroadcast over the summer - Thursdays @ 8pm on the CBC, starting June 19. The episodes are also available online for free at the jPod website (Canada only) and for purchase from the iTunes store


Fans offer the following advice to new viewers: The first episode of jPod, like many pilots, doesn’t do justice to the rest of the series. Indeed, jPod gets better with each episode thereafter, and truly hits a fantastic stride. So stay tuned beyond the first episode - you’ll be glad you did!